Move Away from the Windows

Several years ago, I was experimenting with Microsoft’s Windows 10 to see what Microsoft’s vision of their flagship operating system was and decide if it was worth the move. They were offering it for free, but I knew the cost of upgrading operating systems. Just because there was no monetary cost it did not mean there was a cost in time and frustration with updated user interfaces.

For years, I have used Windows 7 as my “production” operating system. I never upgraded to Windows 8 because I did not like its interface. When I previewed it, it was difficult to find features and settings I was used to because everything was reorganized. I also found many online complaints about software not working correctly in the new version because not all software vendors had not made the necessary changes to their programming.

Another factor was the fact the process of “upgrading” to a new version of a Windows operating system was a gamble. Most of my tech support friends recommended never do an upgrade to a new OS. Always install a fresh version. Since I did not want to reinstall all of my software again, I held off on moving up. Everything was working fine, so why take the chance? Now that Windows 7 will no longer be supported, I felt the pressure to upgrade.

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Cooking with a Solar Oven

Global Sun Oven

For quite a while now, I have known about solar ovens, but have never really thought about them much.  I had the opportunity to see several models at the Self Reliance Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah.  There are numerous videos on the internet about their use, but they always seemed more of a novelty item.  However, their usefulness became apparent as I used the oven.  It turned out to be very useful to have on hand, especially during the summer months when you could cook and not heat up the house with the regular oven.

As a bonus, it uses no electricity, so there was energy savings, also.  It can help you extend any stored fuel supplies (wood, charcoal, LP, etc.) and allow you to prepare a delicious meal using only the energy of the sun.

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